A Sunday autumn road trip

Some days just turn out perfectly. Better than you planned or anticipated. They become days that you will remember for years to come. Days that, when looked back upon, bring big smiles. For me, these days often come about when we are spontaneous. When there are no expectations to cause disappointment or plans to break. Just an open book, waiting to be filled. Sunday we had one of these days. It was the best day.

My only plan was to see some foliage of western Massachusetts and have a warm drink in my hand at all times. We slept in until the little man began to stir, then showered up, packed some snacks and headed out. We stopped for breakfast at Cedar Street Café before heading further west.

We avoided the highway as much as we could, driving through small towns and country roads. I probably commented on how beautiful the trees looked or said, “aww, look at those pumpkins” enough to drive my husband crazy. There is something about small farm towns that is special… the inviting downtowns, the charming homes, the open fields. And blanketed in shades of yellow and orange with pumpkins on most doorsteps felt like we were in a Hallmark movie.

Our next stop was in North Hadley at the Market and Sugar Shack.

seconds later, Jackson toppled over!

From there we headed north along the Connecticut River, stopping on the side of the road in Sunderland to snap some pictures of this beautiful sunflower field.

We drove up Mount Sugarloaf for some wild views. Seemed like a beautiful spot for a hike.

On our way to lunch, I made my husband turn around to see this waterfall between two houses on the side of the road.

We continued north to Montague for lunch at the most charming spot. Sandwiches and ginger peanut noodles at The Lady Killigrew were worth the (long) wait!

Especially because we were able to meander through The Montague Bookmill (a super cool used book store) and Turn It Up (a store filled with records, CDs, DVDs and even cassette tapes… which felt like we stepped back into the 90s). I even found the movie Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein which was very exciting as it is on my movies to watch this fall list.

Finally, we drove to Bernardston to visit the Kringle Candle store (because we can’t drive all the way out northwest and not buy some of our favorite candles) where we also loaded up on some chocolate for the drive home… to this.

It was a much needed family day with our best little explorer.

…who makes picture taking slightly difficult these days.

Love, Jessica


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