Fall Hikes

It’s amazing to reminisce about this time last year with Jackson still in the NICU… how challenging it was, how scary it was, how frustrating and seemingly unfair it was. And then to think about how far our lives have come since then. How blessed our family is. How healthy and big our baby has become. It’s unfortunate that it takes something traumatic to put our lives into perspective and make us appreciate simple things but, this is life, I suppose. And, life can be messy but I’m learning to savor the sweet moments we get and not take things for granted.

Autumn is fleeting. One of those seasons that seems to pass in the blink of an eye (wasn’t it just summer last week?). But it is so magical. We’ve been spending as much time as we can outside, soaking up every second.

An evening hike with the happiest little boy.

We hiked up Mount Wachusett one night to catch the sunset. This was also the time I finally realized Jackson was far too heavy to carry in a front carrier… my lower back told me.

An afternoon at Moore State Park.

One of my favorite pictures of Jackson. Shortly after I snapped this picture, he tasted leaves for the first time.

Jackson needed a quick break during an evening walk around our neighborhood.

So we finally caved and purchased a backpack carrier which is game changer for all parties involved… much more comfortable for Jackson and Mom/Dad don’t break their backs.

An afternoon at our town common, right before sharing a box of cookies.

A hike with my teddy bear and grandma. Yes, my 82 year old grandma still goes on hikes!

Dad’s little sidekick.

Love, Jessica


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