Christmas Cookie Exchange Party

happy hump day! we’re going to pretend today’s post was posted on monday and monday’s post happened today.. because i promised monday would always be a food post and i didn’t have time to prepare this in time so… here we are.. did you follow all that? no big deal if you didn’t because it’s really not important!

what is important is that we talk about the best party ever! a party that consisted of my favorite girls and cookies. can you think of a better combination? i can’t either! it was simple to plan, an excuse for everyone to get together and each person left with their own box packed to the brim with different homemade cookies! a perfect christmasy get together!i started by sending these cute invitations that i created on vistaprint.. and made sure to give lots of notice since the holiday season is so busy for everyone! the invitation instructed each guest to bring two dozen cookies (at least enough for 1 per person since i invited about 24 people). after i already made the invitations i thought about asking everyone to print copies of their recipe for everyone but was too late.. maybe next year!i decided i wanted to keep the tablescape simple and elegant so i started collected white platters.. as guests arrived, they chose a platter that best fit their cookies and transferred them onto the table. when everyone had arrived, the table looked so lovely and yummy! i know, i know.. this seems a little extra and over the top but it’s not often that the girls all get together and celebrate. i wanted it to be special.look at all these amazing cookies!

when it was time to finally exchange cookies, everyone grabbed a box (i ordered them on amazon) and circled around the table. we started by taking one of each cookie and then were able to go around for seconds.. we had so many cookies!

our own little cindy lou who (who gives me baby fever every time i see her) was probably telling her mom to hurry up and grab the cookies before they’re all gone! i think she enjoyed the frosting covered cookies most! and we even managed to get group pictures with everyone smiling and all eyes open! i’m lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing ladies in my life.. and it’s definitely a bonus that they are all great bakers!


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