Coffee Date

the weather has been cold and rainy lately, the holiday hustle and bustle is in full swing and it’s about time we take a quick break to breath and sip on a coffee together, don’t ya think? i wish we could do this in real life but i guess our virtual date will have to do for now!

i’d probably arrive 5 minutes late because i’m late to everything these days. all i had to do was leave 5 minutes earlier.. 5 minutes!

i’d be in my favorite jeans, booties and a cozy, oversized sweater.. the bigger the better!

while we wait in line, i’d convince you to order a hot chocolate with me.. with whipped cream of course! because christmas is less than a week away and we deserve a treat! per usual, we’d grab a seat as far away from the door as possible because i hate the cold breeze every time the door opens!

i’d ask you how you’re surviving the holiday season.. if you finished all your shopping and wrapping yet.. what your plans are for christmas eve and day.. what you bought your parents (because i never know what to buy mine and love ideas!).. what your ideal christmas day is like (even if it’s not what you actually do).. what traditions you look forward to most each year. hopefully you like to talk about christmas because i love the holiday season!

i’d talk about my recent cookie exchange party and how much i loved wandering through the botanical garden’s christmas light display with hubby last night. how i’m looking forward to the holidays but also can’t wait for our trip to napa in january.. and i’d ask you for tips on where to go, what to eat and what to do in napa because we’re completely winging this trip.

i’d tell you how excited i am about the bridal expo i’m doing in january and then tell you i’m also just a tiny bit stressed because there is still so much to do before it arrives!

after what feels like 10 minutes, we’d check the time and realize an hour has flown by! why does it have to go by so darn fast! and because we both have a million things to do, we bundle up, hug goodbye and plan another coffee date in january after the holiday craziness is over.

Love, Jessica

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