January Goals

things i wanted to do in december:

  • read 2 books: ben and i are still slowly making our way through harry potter and the chamber of secrets and i started the girl in the spider’s web but the holidays took over most of our time in december and i still have a ways to go in both books.. yup, i’m totally making up an excuse.
  • help someone in need: done!
  • host a cookie swap party: done! (read about it here)
  • get to bed and wake up earlier: some days.. other days, not so much!
  • drink more water: trying!
  • go on all 10 of my holiday date ideas: there just weren’t enough days off together but we did manage to have quite a few holiday dates!
  • make more time to spend with family and friends: done!
  • prepare for parkway & elm’s first wedding expo in january: done! we’ve been doing lots of prep work and we’re almost ready!

things i want to do in january:

  • finish reading the two books i started in december
  • drink more water
  • continue blogging 3x weekly
  • go snowboarding at least three times
  • book at least two events from our bridal expo
  • clean up my diet and eat less sugar
  • bring mya to doggy rehab


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