The Magic Of Christmas

growing up, christmas was always such a magical time. my mom decorated every room in the house while my dad hung lights and wreaths from the windows and made cozy fires. we’d watch christmas movies and listen to christmas music as we danced around the house. the kitchen always smelled delicious and you could usually find some remains of flour on the counters from all the cookies we’d bake.

on christmas eve we’d head to church and then spend the evening searching for rudolph’s red nose in the sky, reading about the story of jesus and running from window to window looking for santa. eventually we’d get a glimpse of the man in red and white as he dropped off new pajamas at our door.. which we ripped open and change into in the middle of the living room!

i always had such a hard time falling asleep on christmas eve.. filled with excitement and anticipation. when morning finally came, my brothers and i would run to the living room to find overflowing stockings and gifts upon gifts upon gifts. always in wrapping paper we didn’t recognize and handwriting that was not mom or dad’s.. because santa brought them, of course.

there was no doubt in my mind that santa existed. not until i was at least 10 or 11 years old! and then i started wondering and doubting and questioning. after reading the polar express, i had a brilliant idea. i’d also ask for a bell from santa’s sleigh to determine if he was real or not.

well, wouldn’t you know, after opening all my gifts on christmas morning that year, i found a small bubble wrapped package under the tree. inside was a single silver bell attached to a tarnished leather strap which was cut on either side.. a bell that only could have come from santa’s sleigh. and so i believed for a couple more years.

these days, of course, i know a big man dressed in red and white doesn’t come down my chimney on december 24th.. but, i still believe. i believe in the magic of christmas. there is no other season when people are so cheerful and jolly. when strangers say hello and the night is bright from sparkling lights. when people are so generous and giving. because that’s what christmas is truly about. despite what the movies show us, it’s not really about santa and gifts but the love shared between people.

so my wish to you this year, is that you also believe in the magic this season and each season to come and “may you never be too grown up to search the skies on christmas eve.”

merry christmas!

Love, Jessica


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