Easter is one of my favorite holidays… most years, the weather cooperates and the sun shines bright. Flowers are just starting to bloom. Birds are chirping and busy readying themselves for the season. It’s full of bright colors and fun activities. I always look forward to this time of year… when the world seems to come alive again after a long, cold and gray winter.

It’s wild how much can change in one year… how much our little ones grow and develop in just 365 days. From barely able to keep his head upright last Easter to running around with his cousins and gathering Easter eggs this year, Jackson has changed so much. It’s such a blessing to witness him developing, growing and exploring. Each milestone, each new discovery, each first time… each one is precious.

Jackson quickly became an Easter egg hunt pro. His first was at the library with my husband while I worked. I loved getting these sweet pictures!

Next, he went on an egg hunt at Oakholm Brewery with his cousins…

…followed by a visit with the Easter bunny. Not a fan this year.

Jackson also got a special visit from the Easter bunny to our home… from afar, the bunny was tolerable but not so much when we got close!

Coloring eggs this year was so much fun! Jackson loves playing in water and had a blast plopping his eggs into each cup, playing in the colored water, breaking a couple eggs and making a mess!

Easter morning! Evaluating his goods, front and back.

The sweetest little smile I ever did see.

Another Easter egg hunt in our living room. I was so impressed that he wandered around the room and found all 20 eggs that the bunny hid!

We had brunch with my husbands family. Jackson loved playing with his cousins and collected some more eggs!

Followed by lunch with my family and ANOTHER egg hunt! What was that… 5 egg hunts?! Kid’s a pro now.

Boys will be boys…

Quick milk break between all the excitement.

Basket opening with Grandma and tickles with Auntie Moe.

Happy Spring! Hope your holiday was filled with family, love, laughter and egg hunts!

Love, Jessica


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