We had ourselves a week.

Last week was one of those weeks you just want to always remember. The weather was amazing for April in New England and Jackson and I took full advantage of each day together. We played, went on adventures, and ate way more ice cream than we should have. It was the best.

Jackson’s first time playing with play-doh!

A vibe at the playground. Here for the snacks.

Went on lots of walks.

Visited the Botanical Garden. We had a picnic lunch, played with his ball and bubbles, and explored the daffodil field.

That little grin.

Went on an ice cream date and both ended up covered in black raspberry ice cream. Worth it.

Visited Davis Farmland for the first time which was a hit! Jackson loved splashing in the water and the pretend play houses. He was unsure about the animals… preferred to watch them from a distance rather than pet the babies! And ended our hot (90 degrees in April!) afternoon with ice cream, naturally.

Living the good life.

Last ice cream date of the week. Don’t judge us.

We played with a water table on the deck and this little man was soaked by the end! Clothes stripped off, rocking a diaper and crocs, and loving every second of it.

Life is sweet with a little boy. So excited for more adventures with him this spring and summer.

Love, Jessica


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