A tale of two aquariums

I remember talking to a friend awhile ago about how sad I was Jackson was growing up so fast and she told me that as much as you miss each phase, the next ones just keep getting better and better. I didn’t believe her at the time but she was right. I will forever miss the tiny baby, cuddly phase but I love watching my son’s little personality bloom. I love being able to take him on adventures and witness him exploring new things for the very first time. The curiosity, the wonder. It’s so much fun and I’m savoring every moment.

This winter we took Jackson to the Boston and Mystic aquarium. Mystic was definitely more impressive but both were fun day trips!

First stop: Boston.

Jackson thoroughly enjoyed splashing in the water at the string ray exhibit. We all left a little damp.

Hey penguins.

My favorite part of Boston was the sea turtles.

Jackson, however, wasn’t quite sure what to make of the giant prehistoric-looking guy.

Mystic aquarium had a larger variety of animals including sharks, beluga whales (so awesome!), and sea lions. Next trip, we’ll have to go when it’s not snowing outside so we can spend more time admiring these amazing creatures without freezing!

Love, Jessica


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