Pumpkin Carving

Holidays are so much more exciting with a tiny human! Jackson is at the point where he can start participating in activities and it’s fun watching his curious personality come alive.

This weekend we carved pumpkins on two separate occasions! The first was at home while the little man sat right in the middle and cautiously observed. Although I tried to get him messy, he did not care for the gooey pumpkin guts and preferred to play with spoons and eat pieces of Kit Kat bars while my husband and I did the dirty work. I should have bought him a king costume for Halloween.

The second pumpkin carving experience was at my Mom’s house. Jackson’s uncle decided it would be cute to cut two holes in a pumpkin and sit Jackson in it. Jackson, on the other hand, did not find this very amusing or cute. He actually made it seem as though we were torturing him, which, I assure you, we were not.

Happy Halloween Eve!

Love, Jessica


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