Apple picking & the pumpkin patch, with my little pumpkin.

We are in full swing cozy over here. The first thing I do when I come downstairs in the morning is light a delicious candle. We (Jackson and I) spend our days in comfy sweats. We’ve been slowly making our way through our fall movie bucket list. Autumn is just the best season… its tastes, smells, freshness, feels, activities… every part of it feels extra cozy and I love that it’s here. Especially this year because it’s extra special. This year I have a tiny human by my side who is experiencing this greatness for the very first time and it is truly a gift to witness.

Jackson’s first trip to the apple orchard AND pumpkin patch couldn’t have happened on a more beautiful day… not only was the weather perfect but we were also able to go on a Friday and avoid crowds which made for a significantly more pleasant experience (I hate crowds and lines and the noise and chaos they bring). We started off with brunch at our favorite local spot and then headed to the farm.

The pumpkin patch was completely empty when we arrived and I was in heaven walking amongst the rows, snapping pictures of my happy boy.

This kid is so close to walking on his own but, for now, nothing makes him happier than holding onto our fingers for support and cruising around. He gets the biggest grin and looks so proud of himself. And, those tiny shoes and ripped baby jeans… can you even stand the cuteness?

After lots of investigation, we finally picked out the perfect first pumpkin for Jackson…

who was very interested in its stem…

His curiosity and wonder as he explores new things is my favorite.

and also wanted to taste his big new orange toy…

After purchasing his pumpkin we headed to the apple orchard. By the way, why do orchards charge pumpkins by the pound, which obviously becomes so expensive?! We paid $20 for one pumpkin! Outrageous. So, if you’re like me and enjoy multiple pumpkins on your front steps, maybe buy your kids a pumpkin at the orchard but then purchase the rest at the grocery store for $5.99 each. Anyways, I digress. On to apples.

We took Jackson blueberry picking in the summer which basically meant he watched from the stroller while my husband and I picked. Blueberries are far too small for him to actually see and pick, never mind the choking hazard they create. But, apples. Apples are a whole different story. Our little man was able to “help” pick apples this time and it was the cutest thing. With a little assistance, he’d pull one off the tree and put it directly into his mouth! Kid loves gnawing apples.

Watch as Jackson teaches you how to pick apples.

First you pick out the perfect one.

Next, you grab and pull.

And finally, you eat.

And repeat.

And sometimes share with your Dad.

And other times make your parents get their own apples to eat.

Of course we couldn’t leave the farm without a little time on the swings and some apple crisp.

Jackson’s first trip to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch created so many sweet memories I will always cherish.

Love, Jessica


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  1. love all your blogs Jess … what a wonderful family and by viewing the pumpkin patch, it seems as though Jackson is on his way toward the medical field of dissecting pumpkins … hope to see you all soon.. love Berta

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