Jackson’s First Birthday Party

I still can’t believe… or maybe I just refuse to believe… that my baby boy is already one year old. Time is a funny thing. This year has passed in the blink of an eye, yet, I feel like Jackson has been a part of our lives forever. I’m not sure what I ever did in life to deserve this kid but I love him more than words could ever describe. He is everything good in this crazy world. His giggles melt me every. single. time. His 2 (almost 3 toothed) grin brings a smile to everyone he meets. And I’m the luckiest Mama to call him mine.

We celebrated his first birthday big because this little boy has been through hell and back in his little time on this Earth and that alone is worth celebrating. With all our friends and family, a Peter Rabbit theme, and an excessive amount of food, it was the perfect day.

Jackson was really getting into character chomping on a carrot like his homeboy Peter Rabbit.

Ready for picture overload? Here goes.

We started the day with his monthly picture. The past few months he’s been more interested in eating his sign than actually holding it!

Followed by playing in his birthday present from Mama and Daddy! The jury is still out whether he actually like the ball pit or not…

And then the party started!

Jackson had lots of help from his cousins during the cake smash and preferred the plastic plate over the actual cake (teething is a real you know what) but was so much fun to watch. He was covered in cake from head to toe by the end… we threw him in the sink for a quick bath and eventually hosed off his highchair (there was cake in every crevice)!

Can’t forget my other birthday boy! My husband and Jackson share a birthday… so basically he doesn’t really have a birthday anymore. Sorry hubby!

Fun times with Uncle Derek and grandparents.

Growing up with cousins is the best and I’m so grateful Jackson has lots!

Especially his best buddy Ethan! Can’t wait to see the mischief these boys get into one day.

For those of you interested in some party details… I didn’t take many pictures but here are a few. I made all the signs and Peter Rabbit cupcake toppers on Microsoft Word, printed them on heavy paper and hot-glue-gunned them to sticks.

The carrot patch was chocolate pudding, topped with crushed Oreos and an orange chocolate dipped strawberry as the “carrot.”

We are so blessed to be surrounded by friends and family who love our little boy so much. It was the best day.

Love, Jessica


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