These Crocs are made for walkin’

My little man is not quite ready to walk on his own, but cruising around with some assist is his new favorite past time. I haven’t been able to find a pair of baby shoes that actually fit him until we came across the Crocs store in Boston last week. You will never catch me in a pair of Crocs… in my opinion, no self-respecting adult should ever wear them (and if you are an adult that wears Crocs AND puts the charms in them, I don’t think we can be friends anymore) Mind you, my husband has a pair of camouflaged Crocs that he wears around the house and I secretly hope the dog will chew them up. Anyways, babies in Crocs are just the cutest. Especially my baby… no bias here.

A little overcompensating for each step until he got used to them!

And since he is so darn cute, I decided to do an entire blog post about the first time he wore his Crocs because I always want to be able to look back on this sweet memory.

Little man on a mission.
He loved them and was so proud of himself while cruising around Boston Harbor.

Love, Jessica


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