Life lately, according to my camera roll

It’s crazy how simple, everyday activities have become so much fun with a little baby. Bathtubs and eating are no longer just mundane tasks… every one of them is exciting and unpredictable, challenging and rewarding, messy and memorable. Walks around the park are not simply exercise but also opportunities for my tiny boy to observe and learn and experience this amazing world around him for the first time. In just 10 months of life, Jackson has already taught me so much… especially how to appreciate the moments that may seem routine but in reality are so much more. In fact, they are everything.

I swear Jackson started “teething” months ago but that first tooth didn’t make its appearance until recently. In the meantime, we’ve been managing relentless drool (like going through 10+ bibs a day relentless) but an otherwise happy boy. Oh, and how could I forget? My baby, who spoiled us with three glorious months of 8-10 hours of straight sleep, now wakes up to eat once or twice a night again (I’m yawning as I write this). But as my mom once told me, it’s extra time for snuggles so I’m trying to soak them all up… even if that means I’m sometimes a zombie.

One afternoon, I gave Jackson a frozen yogurt pop to soothe his sore gums while I cooked… he thoroughly enjoyed himself but I’m pretty sure at the end there was more yogurt on his clothes than in his tummy. So in the sink he went for his first sink bath… which, clearly he didn’t mind.

Another evening, I snapped these sweet pictures of Jackson getting a tubby in the sink with his grandma and great grandma.

Another night playing with his great grandma.

I signed Jackson up for baby “swim lessons” at the YMCA because I really want him comfortable and safe in the water as he gets older. Plus, it gives me the opportunity to be around other moms! So far, we haven’t had a single tear and he loves splashing around and watching all the activity in the pool.

Ben and I celebrated our friends tying the knot in Maine. Aren’t they the most beautiful bride and groom?!

Jackson had a blast with grandma and grandpa who joined us in Maine to babysit during the wedding because I couldn’t leave him behind for the night (will I ever be ready?).

A rare sight of Mya and Jackson. Mya is getting old and grumpy and doesn’t care for kids anymore so we’re extra cautious. But lately, she’s been showing more of an interest in him… maybe she’s finally realizing he’s here to stay (it only took her 10 months… she was really holding out).

We became members at a local botanical garden. One afternoon, Jackson and I spent hours wandering around its paths and then relaxed under the shade of a magnolia tree.

We’ve spent a few weekends in Boston recently. I love this city so much. One day I will live in Beacon Hill. One day.

Love, Jessica


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