Fourth of July Weekend

Is there any weekend that screams summer more than the one that includes the Fourth of July? The fireworks, the ice cream cones, the red white and blue, the cookouts, the cold beer. It’s truly summer at its finest.

I have always loved celebrating our nation’s Independence Day. And, despite the fact that on any given day our beloved country seems like it could fall apart at its seams and most of the time the news is so incredibly heavy, I feel so blessed to live in these United States. I’m so proud to stand beneath Old Glory and call myself an American.

This Fourth of July weekend was one to remember. The weather was beautiful, my family was able to spend so much quality time together, and it was Jackson’s first! As I write this, it is Monday night and my body is tired but my soul is so happy and full. I didn’t let a single sweet moment pass me by without savoring it.

We kicked off the holiday weekend with a picnic dinner in our town common (including homemade, frozen, chocolate covered bananas). We claimed a shady spot under some trees, sprawled out on a blanket, and listened to country music. Our pups enjoyed the fresh air, Jackson entertained himself by chewing on paper plates (red, white and blue ones, obviously), and Ben and I sipped crisp white wine from our yeti mugs. It was a perfect summer Friday night.

Saturday morning, we dressed in our red, white and blue outfits and headed into Boston for the day. The thunderstorm that was supposed to hit us disappeared, the sun was shining bright, flags were flying high, and the city was so alive.

The Boston Public Garden is one of my favorite places in the city. We relaxed on a blanket for awhile, looked for shapes in the clouds, listened to a musician playing off in the distance, and even took a short nap.

Of course, we couldn’t leave the Garden without visiting the Make Way For Ducklings statue. I’m not sure who is responsible, but these ducklings are always decorated for the season and they always make me smile.

This little boy refused to drink any of his milk but thoroughly enjoyed some of his mama’s black raspberry ice cream.

Jackson and I (Ben had to work) spent the actual Fourth of July at my brother’s house for a cookout and cruise around the lake.

Not the biggest fan of wearing his life jacket!
Oh, that little face and big blue eyes just melt my heart.
This smile says it all. We had the best weekend!

Happy Fourth of July!

Love, Jessica


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