The good days.

Okay, so 2020 was probably the worst year we all can remember, but it wasn’t ALL that bad. I was flipping through photos on my phone and reminiscing on happy memories I experienced over the past 12 months.. lots of moments that still make me smile and a few that even make me laugh out loud. 2020 was a year that tested our strength and stamina. It was a year of emotional, physical and economic challenges. It was a year of heartbreak.

But it was also a year that helped us to realize just how strong we truly are. It pushed us to what we thought were our limits, only for us to realize we are capable of so much more than we thought. It was a year of family. And despite how separated we’ve been forced to stay, it was a year of community. I know how easy it is to look back on this year and focus on the hard times.. I’m guilty of this more than I care to admit.. but don’t forget the good days. The bad days help us learn and grow but the good days give us purpose.

Starting back in January 2020, I developed a new appreciation for winter. It’s no secret I hate the cold.. I’m freezing 100% of the time from October through May.. but I learned how to dress appropriately for the weather and winter hikes became some of my favorite. Something about the cold air awakens me and is so refreshing. Our girls like winter walks equally as much.

When Covid was really bad back in the spring, coming home at the end of a 24+ hour shift was more exciting than Christmas morning. I’d take a hot shower, dress in comfortable clothes, and park myself on the couch with a mug of coffee.. and it felt like heaven.

In April, we successfully sold our rental property. It was emotional for me because this was the first home I bought and so many good memories were created inside those walls but it was for the best.

Being forced to stay home really helped me appreciate the simpler things in life.. like mornings on our deck with a book, gardening and evenings watching hubby grill the most delicious pizza.

We managed to get away to Nantucket for Memorial Day weekend. When I tell you I never needed a vacation more in my life, I mean it. I was working 60+ hour weeks in a Covid ICU for nearly 3 months straight and was BURNED OUT. We spent the weekend exploring every corner of the island, eating each meal in the back of our Jeep overlooking the ocean and relaxing. It was perfect.

This night in Newport. After dinner we strolled through the bird sanctuary and witnessed the most magical hues of color cast over the ocean.

Spending Independence Day watching fireworks on the beach with my favorite people.

Every picnic in our town common.

Early morning kayaking amongst the lily pads and birds.

An August trip to Newport with my mom, grandparents and brothers. Watching the sunset and moon rise, eating dinner on the beach and having a slumber party in the tiny living room. Can you tell by my face in the last picture how happy I was?

A late summer hike to the top of Mount Wachusett to watch the sun set.

Our getaway to the White Mountains.

Making gingerbread houses at my Mom’s. We all were like kids again.. and my poor grandmother just couldn’t manage to keep her walls standing!

2020, you weren’t so bad after all. Thanks for the memories. We’ll be reading about you in the history books for eternity.

Love, Jessica


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