One more day.

Only one more day. Just one more day and we can all put this horrible year behind us. I couldn’t be more ecstatic for bitter cold and gloomy January to arrive.

As for just about every other human being, 2020 has been brutal in so many ways. There have been countless days I felt like I was hanging on by a mere thread. So many days I felt I could break down in tears at any moment (and I did on way too many occasions.. in public.. which is VERY unlike me). So many days I felt completely overwhelmed and exhausted. Sure, there were plenty of happy days, but unfortunately, the bad seems to have outweighed the good this years. There is no sense in trying to sugar coat anything. 2020 sucked. But remember what I said at the beginning? 2020 has only one more day until it is no more!

New years have always felt to me like a fresh start. 365 new days filled with endless opportunities to improve myself, my life and the lives of people around me. And if I’m being brutally honest with you all, I’ve got a lot of work to do in 2021. This past year has been so difficult on me physically and mentally, as I’m sure it has on many of you. I’m pretty certain my cortisol level (stress hormone) is sky high, I haven’t been sleeping well, my mind is always running 100 miles per hour, I’ve been eating and drinking too much, not exercising enough.. and all these things have taken a toll on my body.

But a new year is upon us and, unless the apocalypse happens, I can’t imaging there is any possible way it could ever be worse than 2020. And look at us all.. we may not be thriving or living our best lives this year, but we all made it through. We all survived. And because of that, we all are stronger. I know I have a lot of work to do but I have high hopes for 2021 and I hope you all can say the same.

I encourage you to make some realistic goals for this new year and then write them down. Write them in a journal and check in periodically on your progress. Or maybe write them on a big red piece of construction paper and tape it to your refrigerator so you can’t go a day without remembering. And then, most importantly, hold yourself accountable. If you stumble, just pick yourself up and keep moving forward. Together, we will get through this journey one new and glorious day at a time.

Here are some of my goals for 2021. I’d LOVE to hear some of yours! Please, please share them in the comments, on Instagram, through an email, text or phone call. If this year has taught us nothing else, it is that we need people.. we need community.. we need each other to survive. Let’s crush 2021 together!

  • Drink more water. I’m going to try for 1 gallon daily.
  • Read more books and watch less television.
  • Spend more time with family and close friends.
  • Journal and blog more often.
  • Find time to walk outside every day except those I’m working a 24 hour shift.
  • Clean up my diet and drink less alcohol.

Happy New Year Friends! Cheers!

Love, Jessica


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