My Top 5 Ice Cream Spots in Central Massachusetts

Hey! Did you know?

I. Love. Ice. Cream.

I don’t think about ice cream all fall or winter but the first warm spring day hits and, BAM, I immediately crave a waffle cone filled with ice cream and topped with rainbow sprinkles. And this curse continues until the end of summer. It’s a problem. But a sweet one to have.

As you can imagine, I’ve dragged my husband (kicking and screaming.. poor him, right?) to just about every ice cream shop in Central Massachusetts. Although nothing on the main land will ever live up to the ice cream at Nantucket’s Juice Bar (I might actually think of this ice cream in the middle of winter), we’ve found many spots that we visit time and time again for a delicious sweet treat. Here are my top five choices.

5. Rota Springs in Sterling, MA. Not only is the ice cream delicious but they also have a farm store with lots of other treats, fresh picked vegetables and their own grass-fed meats. More importantly, they have a goat petting zoo. Who doesn’t love baby goats?


4. West End Creamery in Whitinsville, MA. Their ice cream is great but they also serve Dole Whip and Del’s frozen lemonade which are light, refreshing and low calorie (if that’s your thing) treats for those hot summer days. If you’re looking for more substantial food, they have a small snack shack serving things like hot dogs, kettle corn and mozzarella sticks. Make an afternoon of your trip and play mini golf, visit the corn maze (seasonal) and check out their animals.

3. Christopher’s Homemade Ice Cream in Millbury, MA. The black and white checkered flooring and red bar stools portray the cutest retro ice cream parlor vibes. Their ice cream is so good.. I usually get Oreo with big chunks in every single bite!


2. Uhlmans in Westborough, MA. Expect a long, but well worth it, wait for your ice cream! Their ice cream is some of my favorite around (the long lines are the reason they didn’t make my #1 spot) and they also serve Dole Whip which is a bonus.


1. Kimball Farm (multiple locations). It was a tough choice but if I HAD to pick my absolute favorite ice cream in Central Massachusetts, I’d go here. Each location has something slightly different to offer but they all serve delicious homemade ice cream. We like to go to the Lancaster location on Friday nights for a fried seafood dinner and the car show. Although I’ve never been, the Westford location has lots of other activities including mini golf, bumper boats and a zip line.. you and your family could spend all day here!


What is your favorite ice cream spot? I’d love to visit!

Love, Jessica


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