Picnic Dinner on the Common

There is something classically summer about picnics that I love so much. Gingham blankets, cute baskets, an elaborate spread of food all laid out for a special occasion.. maybe an outdoor concert, movies in the park or fireworks. Although this is how movies may depict picnics, they don’t need to be nearly as fancy. In fact, simpler is always better in my opinion.

We celebrated the Fourth of July this year with a take out picnic dinner on the beach and I decided we needed to make them a more regular thing in our household. When we got home from the beach, I dug out my picnic basket, planned a simple meal and we enjoyed a lovely dinner on our town’s common.

How to plan the perfect picnic

1. Choose a destination. Local parks, grassy fields, backyards, beaches or lakeside. Anywhere with a view and some space will work perfectly.

2. Gather supplies. A blanket or large tablecloth for your “table.” Basket or cooler to transport your food. Food containers – reusable glass jars and Tupperware jazz things up but disposable make clean up easier. Utensils, napkins, plates and cups, depending on menu.

3. Plan a menu. Remember, keep it simple! I made chicken salad sandwiches, spinach and strawberry salads, individual banana cream pies, homemade lemonade and brought some fresh cherries.

4. Extra supplies to consider. Books, magazines, card games or music.

5. Finish up. Prep food, pack and head to your destination!

Love, Jessica


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