It’s a special thing to feel alive.

There’s something different about March. Maybe it’s the fleeting warm breeze or the tiny sprouts of green that begin poking through the cold dirt. Perhaps it’s the sunlight that lingers past dinner time or the smiles on passerby’s at the park on a random Thursday afternoon. But maybe it’s simply the mysterious unknown of something new to come. A new season filled with new life and new adventures.

After a long winter, this change of season that slowly moves across my cozy northeast corner of the states awakens my soul. Spring restores color and life into our lives. I find myself longing for fresh air.. turning my face to the light when the sun finds me.. smiling more often with a new sense of hope.

It’s a special thing to feel alive on this beautiful day in such a broken world. This weekend, i hope you get outside and breath in the fresh air. I hope you go and do something that makes you feel alive and inspired. That makes you smile bigger. That makes you a little less broken. That makes you leave the world better than you found it.

Happy Friday 🖤


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