Hey, I’m here.

If we all could have the heart of a dog, this world would be a better place. These beautiful creatures love without boundaries, protect without fear and are loyal to a fault.

Every time I sit on my couch, my little lady Riley comes wandering over.. sometimes she offers me her favorite moose.. sometimes she rests her head on my leg.. and every time she gives me her paw. She sits down in front of me and plops her paw on my lap or in my hand and just leaves it there.. as if she’s saying, “hey mom, I’m here.” And sometimes that’s all you need to know.. that someone is there. Such a simple gesture can go so very far.

Today, was a cozy Sunday. Hubby and I went for breakfast at our favorite spot in town.. we spent the morning chatting about our dreams and ideas for the future and headed home to do absolutely nothing. Sometimes you need those kinds of days.. days in front of a fire to read, to reflect, to find peace, to be inspired. And as I sat on the couch holding Riley’s paw, I couldn’t help but think how much we can learn from her kind.

In a world where there are so many smiling faces with sad eyes.. in a world that seems to orbit around social media and perfection.. in a world where sharing your emotions makes you seem weak.. in this harsh world, one can feel incredibly alone. In the past ten-ish years, we have lost a vital part of humanity.. connection. We find it nearly impossible to make time to visit those we care about the most.. because our life is just too busy. We hardly ever pick up the phone just to say hi and catch up.. because texting is so much easier. And we most definitely don’t send letters.. because our new generation doesn’t even learn to write.

This depersonalization and isolation we’re creating is quite frightening. Especially because as human beings, we thrive on deep connections.. and for some reason we’ve become afraid of making them.

Now, don’t get me wrong.. I know, without a doubt, I’m guilty of all the above. I write myself notes to plan get together and never do. I have a pile of greeting cards I bought with the intention to send to friends which are now tucked away in my office collecting dust. And, other than my mom, I almost never pick up the phone and actually call anyone. It’s sad.

But my loyal and fearless puppy managed to open my eyes today. By simply offering her paw, she reminded me how far a small gesture can go. In this lonely world, we can learn something from dogs. Remind those most important to you just how much you care. Write them a note. Call them just to say hi. Plan a simple and cozy get together. A little goes a long way my friend. Sometimes, people just need to know there’s someone in their corner.


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