Do you have a daily routine? Does it maybe looks something like this: your alarm clock goes off and you reluctantly wake up, rush through a shower and get dressed, hurry out the door with a coffee, sit in traffic on the way to work, work for 8-12 hours, sit in more traffic on your drive home, cook dinner, take care of your kids and then finally go back to bed.. only to repeat the same monotony again in a few hours.

If you’re anything like 95% of the world I’m sure I basically summed up your life in a few lines. And I’m also pretty certain that if you’re reading and relating to this you’re thinking, “what the hell is the point if this mundane existence?”

Lets be real, even if you love your family (hopefully this is a given) and you love your job and you love the chaos little kiddos have brought into your life.. sometimes the days can just feel so god damn boring and purposeless. I’m very much guilty of feeling these shitty feelings and complaining about tasks I need to do like walk the dogs, cook dinner and fold laundry.

Recently my friend posted a video where she discussed changing our mindset. Instead of saying, “I have to go to work” say “I get to go to work” .. because I’m so lucky to have a job, never mind my dream job. Instead of saying, “I have to walk the dogs” say ” I get to walk the dogs” .. because I get to be outside breathing in fresh air and listening to birds chirp. Instead of saying “I have to workout” say “I get to workout” .. because there are people who are disabled, crippled or injured and aren’t able to. Instead of saying “I have to take care of my kids” say “I get to take care of my kids” .. because there are so many couples longing for children and unable to conceive.

I could go on and on but I think you get the point. Our daily tasks can be so much more than mundane if we change our perspective. It’s that simple. When you wake up in the morning, decide how you want your day to unfold. Do you want to continue feeling unfulfilled or do you want to find meaning and purpose in your daily routine?

If you look close enough, you’ll see this life we’re given is filled with moments worth celebrating. Turn off autopilot and start living fiercely. Sure, the big moments in life give us something to look forward.. vacations and weddings, births and celebrations, promotions and weekends.. but ultimately it’s the little things that matter most of all.

I hope now your day will look a little different that that first paragraph.. maybe something like this: your alarm clock goes off, you stretch and thank God for another day alive, you take a warm shower and dress in your favorite jeans and sweater, you indulge in a warm mug of coffee on the way to work while singing along to the radio, at work you check as many things off your to do list as possible, you drive home feeling accomplished and call a friend to catch up while sitting in traffic, you sip on a glass of wine as you cook dinner and listen to your babies tell you all about their exciting day at school, and you go to bed with a happy heart.

Slow down and find joy in the little moments or they will surely pass you by.

Thanks for inspiring me Brie 🖤


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