Fall Stuff

Fall in New England is the reason I tolerate our brutal winters. These two to three months of the year are absolute perfection and filled with my favorite things: pumpkins, comfort food, pumpkins, cozy get-togethers, pumpkins, festivals, pumpkins, jeans and sweatshirts, oh, and pumpkins, duh. I’m not quite sure what it is about these orange blobs but I love them.We finally are feeling settled in our new house… all our furniture has been delivered, we purchased cozy rugs, I’ve mostly finished decorating (with an awful lot of pumpkins) and I love our home so much. And, thankfully, I have a very supportive (and slightly enabling) husband who is okay with my pumpkin addiction.We’ve been really trying to take advantage of the season… we hosted an open house and had nearly 100 friends and family over… I didn’t even realize I knew that many people but it was so much fun!

We’ve enjoyed a few bonfires on the deck (complete with s’mores, naturally).Headed to Springfield for our annual trip to the Big E where we ate too much food and drank our first pumpkin beers of the season.We’ve spent lots of cozy rainy afternoons and cold nights curled up on our new couch… reading, watching Star Wars and Stranger Things (so good!) and sipping on warm tea.

We hosted a scary movie night with a few friends… with lots of snacks and cinnamon sugar rims (with some pumpkin beer on the side). We watched “vvitch” on Netflix and it was probably the worst movie I’ve ever seen. Thankfully our company was entertaining.I’ve really been trying to slow down and enjoy the foliage… it comes and goes so quickly and is really easy to miss if you’re not careful!

And, SLOWLY, hubby is beginning his long road to recovery!


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