The Berkshires

Since hubby is now immobile for most of the winter, we decided a mini getaway prior to surgery was in order. At the beginning of October we headed west and stayed at Seven Hills, a super cute and affordable inn with a beautiful property that is situated perfectly in Lenox, MA. Unfortunately we were a couple weeks early for peak foliage but it was still so pretty and the inn was decorated with pumpkins everywhere.. my idea of perfection.We’d never taken our dogs to a hotel before and decided to give it a try, as we planned to spend the week relaxing outdoors and going on a few hikes. The inn was very accommodating and after the first solid day of them being anxious, the girls finally relaxed and seemed to enjoy their trip also.

The afternoon we arrived we headed straight to Cobble Hill for a hike and some fresh air. Hubby recently purchased 100 foot ropes to assist him in letting our dogs outside (they would  run away if we let them out off leash) when he isn’t able to walk so we brought them along… but we learned quickly that he probably could have gotten away with slightly shorter ropes! We clearly had more than we knew what to do with and our dogs didn’t stray more than probably 20 feet away from us. Anytime they’d start to get too far ahead, both would stop to make sure we were keeping up before they’d continue on the paths.After hiking, we headed back to the inn, grabbed a bottle of wine, ordered a cheese platter and sat on the patio listening to music. This is probably my favorite thing to do in the world. Wine, cheese, a view, country music, my girls and my hubby. I’m convinced there’s no way it can get any better than that.And then, since we filled up on cheese, we split take out chicken parm for dinner from Frankie’s in our room and read before heading to bed. Next time, I’d definitely eat at Frankie’s… when I walked inside to pick up our ordered, I immediately regretted the decision to get food to go. It was a really cute little Italian spot with a rustic vibe, red and white checkered tablecloths and a small little covered porch to enjoy when the weather cooperates.

The next morning we headed to the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge and sought out our favorite painting, “Runaway.” I had no idea how much of an influence Normal Rockwell had during his time or that he illustrated the cover for the Saturday Evening Post for YEARS.

After getting our fix of art, we picked up the puppies at the inn and food at Haven Café & Bakery and headed to Furnace Brook Winery in Richmond, MA (basically New  York). After some sampling, we each ordered a glass and sat on the picnic tables to enjoy lunch and snacks.On the ride back to the inn, we found this amazing view…I never took any pictures but we did actually get dressed decent one night and headed to downtown Lenox for dinner at Alta.. it’s a cozy little spot with an impressive wine selection and amazing food.

Unfortunately our plan to spend the trip outside was rudely interrupted by lots and lots of rain… which was a blessing in disguise because it forced us to do nothing and actually relax most of the time. We spend lots of hours reading which is something we’ve both gotten into lately and I’m loving it. There is something about a book that can transport you to another lifetime or world that wraps me up every time… never mind when I get to do it on a covered porch as rain falls around us.Before heading home on our last morning, we stopped at the Starving Artist Creperie and Café for breakfast. It was enormous inside with delicious coffee, breakfast and snacks. Highly recommend.The Berkshires were, quite literally, a breath of fresh air. The pace is slower, the people are kind, the trees are endless and the food is amazing. It was just the kind of getaway we needed before hubby’s surgery. Now, time to get him feeling better!



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