Fall Photo Dump

Fall in New England is the most beautiful time of the year. I can’t tell you how often I was driving around our town or walking with the pups when I’d have to stop to take it all in and snap a few pictures.It was breath taking.. until it was time to actually pick up all the leaves! I actually really enjoy yard work and raking but the trees surrounding our house were relentless.. we cleaned up massive amounts of leaves 4 times! But, as you can see, I thoroughly enjoyed the leaf blower.. I felt a little like Eleven from Stranger Things when she’d stare at something and create madness.My CrossFit gym hosted a pumpkin carving contest that was so much fun.. and turns out, I work out with a lot of artistic people!

My little brother turned 28!We ate our weight in comfort food and decorated every surface I could find with pumpkins. I was even handy and made a shelf (with a little help from hubby)!

I hope you all enjoyed fall as much as I did.. now, time to transition from the most beautiful time of the year to the most magical!



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