It works out perfectly that hubby and I celebrate our birthdays only days apart (Aug 28 and Sept 1) and our wedding anniversary also falls nearly in the same week (Sept 7). So, as you can imagine, the beginning of September is filled with lots of celebration!

As we’re getting older, our parties have become smaller and more intimate and I couldn’t be happier.

For hubby’s birthday, we headed to a new winery we’ve never been to in Hardwick, MA. It’s basically in the middle of no where but a beautiful old barn with a big old wrap around porch and lots of outdoor seating. Their wines are refreshing and they even have an asparagus wine.. which I don’t recommend. Since we went in the middle of the week, we had the place to ourselves.. did a tasting and shared a bottle of Yankee Boy White before heading home.

We also had family over for dinner because, of course, no birthday is complete without cake!

Colton loves his Uncle Ben.

Usually we celebrate our birthdays together but since this year was a special one (the big 3.0.) for me we did them separately. We started the day the best way I know how.. with a pumpkin cream cold brew from Starbucks (I’m 100% embracing fall already) and headed to my mom’s for a party with family. The cake was about 100 pounds of deliciousness and the company was even better.

I think Colton also loves Auntie Jess! Thankfully because I needed major help blowing out all those candles..

Okay, and he still loves his Uncle Ben. I don’t blame the kid.

Is it weird that this is the first birthday in my life that feels different? I never thought 30 would actually come and here we are! Let’s see if 30 is indeed the new 20, as they say!


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