Life Lately

Hubby, the pups and I are slowly settling into our new home and I absolutely LOVE it. I thought for sure I’d be sad to leave our old neighborhood but, honestly, I don’t miss it at all. Our new home is so amazing (I could hang out in my bedroom all day long), we couldn’t have asked for a better neighborhood and the town itself is so cute. We found a delicious coffee shop, an ice cream shop, a liquor store with an amazing wine selection, an adorable center of town.. what more could I possibly ask for?! It’s perfect. There are so many times hubby and I will be standing inside or outside our house and I’ll look at him and say, “I can’t believe we did this. I can’t believe this is the place we get to call home.” I remember the days I dreamed about the life we have created and now it’s our reality. I’m so so lucky.Between unpacking, cleaning, organizing and tackling projects we have been slowly exploring our new town. One Sunday morning we went for a stroll through corn fields and we’ve found a few farm stands with the freshest vegetables (and sweetest corn.. drool).Our town has a farmers market weekly in the summer months followed by a concert on the common… if I didn’t already fall in love with the town, this would have sealed the deal. Brick oven pizza and live music on the grass… my kind of night.The house is almost completely in order minus waiting for some furniture to be delivered in the next few weeks (I can’t wait for our big new couches!). And tax free weekend was the perfect time to buy some bookshelves, a papasan chair and a dresser.. I have no idea how we managed to fit all this in our Jeep.. clearly, hubby was not very thrilled about it!We have also managed to sneak away for a few nights here and there to visit my Mom’s condo in Newport. One night we stayed with my brother and all 3 of our dogs… we don’t get to see him enough but I love spending time together.Another night we spent with my mom… and almost got taken away by these crazy storm clouds!

We had a girls night away with my mom, aunts, cousin and her two daughters… complete with a beach day, dinner on the town, movies and early morning walks on the beach.This little lady thoroughly enjoyed girl time!And most recently we had a night away with my mom and brothers. We wandered around Brenton Park on Saturday, ate dinner at the Red Parrot, got a little wild and finished the trip with breakfast at Belle’s.This sweet summertime has been nothing short of amazing and part of me doesn’t want it to end.. but the basic bitch in me is so ready for cooler nights, fires, baking, oversized sweaters and pumpkin spice everything! Bring on fall.


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