Saturday Afternoon in the City

Selling a house is no joke.. or convenient task. It requires keeping everything clean and dog-fur-free which is probably the most inconvenient task of all. We’ve had so many showings, which is great, but hubby, the puppies and I have been more or less displaced from our house. We’ve been using this as an opportunity to take the girls on day trips so we aren’t constantly coming and going.

This past Saturday we headed to the city midday and went straight to Boston Common and the Boston Public Garden. There is something about a warm summer day in the park that can’t be beat.. I could wander around for hours and hours! Everyone is cheerful, playing and laughing, strolling along, having picnics or napping under the shade of weeping willows. It’s perfection.Look at those blue skies and endless greenery!

Miss Mya drags us towards every body of water she sees and this pond was no exception. She nearly fell in trying to get some water.. hubby had to hold her back otherwise she’d have been swimming with the swans.

For lunch we headed to Faneuil Hall for some gyros and smoothies, walked through the booths that filled the Greenway and headed home around dinner time. I love spontaneous afternoon adventures!



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