Newport, Rhode Island

Newport, Rhode Island has so much New England charm.. from extensive oceanfront to fresh seafood, nautical shops, parks, beaches and historic mansions.. it’s a perfect destination year round but comes alive during the summer months. Luckily for us, it’s only 90 minutes away and my mom recently purchased the cutest condo there!

Last week hubby and I had a stretch of days off together and spent them in this lovely spot. The condo is perfectly situated between downtown Newport, multiple beaches and everything else you could possibly need.. and the best part is we can bring the pups along since we don’t need to stay in a hotel!

We were a little skeptical about how these little ladies would do for a few days in a new place but they made themselves right at home. After making sure to investigate every corner, Riley went back to her usual guard-dog self while Mya relaxed and napped.After dropping off our stuff and getting settled, we headed to Fort Adams State Park. Fort Adams is a former Army post in Newport that was initially established in 1799 and named after president John Adams. The current Fort Adams was built in 1824. There is a 2.5 mile loop around the perimeter of the Fort with some of the best views of Newport Harbor, Newport Bridge and the bay. Mya enjoyed getting her paws wet while Riley preferred to enjoy the ocean from a distance and skip between rocks.Before heading back to the house we pick up some groceries and stopped at Sweet Berry Farm for snacks.. fresh picked strawberries that tasted like candy, cheese and blackberry jam to enjoy back at the condo. Oh and these peonies.. my goodness they were beautiful!We went to dinner at Clarke Cooke House which was amazing and then headed home to cozy up on the couch and watch The Shallows which put me to sleep.. okay, let’s be real, most things put me to sleep but this movie was pretty awful.And in the morning, I woke up to my little protector watching out the window.Our second day was gloomy and rainy so we decided to leave the pups at the condo and find some indoor activities. We attempted to shop but when my sneakers got soaked after only 10 minutes of store hopping we decided to abort that plan and headed to Newport Winery. We sampled lots of wines and, if I’m being completely honest, didn’t love any of them! But the atmosphere was great (I’m sure it would be even better if we were able to sit outside) and they had a café for lunch that we really enjoyed. Our favorite drink was the Rhody Coyote Cider.We stopped for dinner at Benjamin’s Restaurant and Raw Bar and again spent the evening cuddled up on the couch sipping wine and eating ice cream.

The following day was filled with sunshine and a refreshing ocean breeze. The girls were all rested and ready for adventure so we headed to the Cliff Walk for some exercise and sightseeing! The views are breathtaking..

.. especially this view.. it’s my favorite.Riley even found her claim to fame.. she has a street named after her!We dropped the girls off at the condo after the Cliff Walk and headed out to do some errands.. which included ice cream at Newport Creamery, a walk on the beach (where I found a dead horseshoe crab and 1 piece of mermaid tears.. aka sea glass), and a stop at Newport Wine Cellar & Gourmet to splurge on a bottle of wine for the night. We enjoyed some wine with a cheese platter before dinner at The Mooring (so good!).After a few glasses of wine I was feeling silly and thought it was hilarious that I dressed just like every other girl in the town.. white pants and a jean jacket. #basic 8c667822-7e82-4051-b5e7-3527b7a98828The last morning, I somehow managed to wake hubby up early (this is never an easy task) for a stroll on the beach. It was the perfect end to our mini getaway.

And Riley didn’t want to leave. b67ed701-f1b9-423b-9580-48b965cda1ea


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