Broken Creek Vineyard

Can you believe my little brother had never been to a winery before? Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either.. but, in fact, this was true so naturally I had to change it. To make it even more crazy, there is a winery 1 mile from his house.. yup, you heard that right. ONE mile.It’s nearly impossible for my brother, his girlfriend, hubby and I to all get a Saturday off together so we took advantage and made plans for a wine date. As I said, Broken Creek Vineyard opened a couple years ago down the street from my mom’s house and is beautiful inside and out. They have lots of wine to taste and then you can purchase your favorite to enjoy on their covered porch or picnic tables.Honestly, I’m a total wine snob these days and didn’t LOVE their wines but they do make a great Chardonnay (which tasted more like a Reisling to me). It was sweet and refreshing for a hot late June afternoon and thankfully everyone agreed it was yummy so we could share some bottles.Hubby and I stopped at Wegmans on the way to grab some food.. our go to winery snacks always include cheese, crackers, fruit jam (so good on crackers with cheese), usually prosciutto and more often than not some fruit or chocolate.

We had a great afternoon filled with laughing and after a couple bottles of wine, got a little silly..We finished the day with some dancing in Mom’s kitchen to YouTube.. I can’t think of a better way.



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