Life Lately

Another episode of life lately coming at you.. and mostly it’s me dumping some photos from memories I don’t want to forget one day. First and foremost being these two.. this little lady is not so little after all....and she sure does love her Dad. I love getting these kind of pictures while I’m working.My CrossFit gym hosted a team competition a couple weekends back.. they are always so much fun because I get to do them along side my super fit friends (team “mean girls”) and get a killer workout in!We celebrated Mom’s birthday.. thanks for the good genes Mom.. you make getting older look a lot less scary!The weather has been finally feeling like spring/summer and we’ve been taking advantage of the outdoors whenever possible.. even if that means a short watermelon break on the patio at lunch time. Mya wasn’t sure what to think of her piece and preferred to just sit next to it.. until Riley swiped it while she wasn’t looking!Hubby and I love visiting Nashoba Winery because they have such a wide variety of yummy wines, are dog friendly and we can spend the afternoon outside with a picnic. I tried to get a picture with my girls.. it started off as more or less forced affection from Riley as she wanted no part of sitting still for pictures (as you can tell) but I was able to convince her eventually.A few Saturday mornings ago we headed to Boston early the help my mother-in-law set up on the Greenway.. after checking out some vendors, we stopped for brunch at Granary Tavern.. they have great outdoor seating which accommodates dogs (they even bring over water bowls) and have delicious food! Riley approves.


❤ Jessica


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