Memorial Day and Murph

For many of us, Memorial Day is the start of summer, a day off from work and the first cookout of the year. It’s a day to spend with family and friends, a day of cold beer and hot dogs. But most importantly, it is a day to remember our fallen heroes and all they’ve sacrificed.

For me and the rest of the CrossFit community, Memorial Day is synonymous with “Murph.” One of the many reasons I love this sport is their love and remembrance for those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice with Hero WODs (workout of the day) and “Murph” is a special one for us all.

“Murph” was one of the very first CrossFit workouts I ever completed and each year it has become more and more special to me. This is a workout that pushes you to your limits. It hurts. But, as our coach explains, this workout isn’t about us or for us. It is to honor Michael Murphy and our other fallen heroes and it is a time to push ourselves more than we normally do.

Previous years have always been special but this year was even more.. I recently finished reading Marcus Luttrell’s account of the events surrounding the tragic loss of his friends and fellow Navy SEALs, one of whom was Michael Murphy.. and this escalated the meaning of the workout to a whole new level. To complete “Murph” in honor of these warriors under a massive American flag and surrounded by some of my favorite people is the only way I want to spend my Memorial Days.. this year and those to come.


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