3 Girls and their Boy in the City

In case you haven’t been able to tell, Boston is one of my favorite cities.. and thankfully it’s a quick 30 minute drive away from home. With this lovely spring weather in full swing, the city offers lots of different events and things to do in the sunshine.. and the best part is so many of them are puppy friendly!Last weekend (after finding and putting an offer on our dream home, all by accident), we headed to Boston to visit Cisco’s pop-up beer garden in the Seaport district. Cisco holds a special place in our hearts (hubby proposed in front of the entire brewery in Nantucket) and we love their vibe in Boston.. same delicious beer/wine as the island with local food trucks and so much closer than having to drive to the Cape and take a ferry!

Oh, and we can bring our girls which makes the experience so much better! One day, when we own a house on Nantucket (a girl can dream, right?) we’ll bring them to the real thing, but for now, a Boston pop-up will have to do.

The only thing I’d tell Cisco to change about this place are the plastic wine cups.. red wine doesn’t fair well in them when a puppy tugs on their lease.. especially when mom is wearing a white shirt.

After these ladies had enough popularity at Cisco, we wandered around the Greenway, grabbed an ice cream at The Cookie Monstah food truck (they even gave us free vanilla cups for the pups), snapped a couple pictures and headed home.


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