Life Lately

Spring has finally sprung.. and so has the rain.. but we’ve been taking advantage of every nice day we can to enjoy the fresh air.

We’ve also been trying to be more spontaneous.. I used to be the type of person who didn’t like to do much on work days or Sundays. Work days we are tired when we get home and Sundays, well, are Sundays and I’m usually prepping for work the following morning. But I’ve finally opened my eyes and realized that is a really dumb way of looking at things!

Thankfully, Boston always has something going on.. a few weeks ago, we headed to the city in the afternoon for City Winery’s outdoor wine garden. It’s open every Wednesday and Friday-Sunday through October and serves wine and some food right on the Greenway. Since it was opening day and chilly, the place was empty but a perfect spot with yummy wine. After a glass, we walked to Union Oyster House for dinner. You must eat fresh seafood in Boston and Union Oyster House was delicious, however, I’d say overpriced and slightly touristy. BUT, it’s definitely a spot worth checking out once because it’s the oldest restaurant in Boston and the oldest restaurant in continuous service in the United States, dating back to 1826!Miss Mya has a been recovering (for months) from a skin condition and living in t-shirts so she doesn’t keep irritating herself.. she makes sure to grumble at us every day when we change her shirt but she definitely knows how to rock them.Mom bought a vacation house in Newport, Rhode Island. She’s always dreamed of owning a house near the beach and all her hard work has finally paid off!We celebrated Dad’s 60th birthday! My brother brought his dog over for the party.. so much dog fur and drool.. but these boys and their pups are something to see driving by our house!A new coffee shop/brewery just opened in town. They have AMAZING coffee and I can’t wait to try their beer! Definitely go check them out!Oh, and hubby and I are in the process of buying a new house and selling our current one! It all happened quicker than we anticipated so we’ve been scrambling to finish projects. This week our roof was replaced, one of the bathrooms updated (not pictured but it used to have purple sponged walls!), our mudroom door sanded/painted and multiple other small touch ups! We’ve been busy to say the least! More on the new house to come!


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