I love when Easter Sunday falls on a warm, sunny, spring day and this year was exactly that. All I needed to make it perfect was hubby by my side but unfortunately work got in the way. I hate when that happens.

Easter is one of those holidays that includes a lot of running around from one celebration to the next. Since I can remember, my Easter morning always started at my Grandma’s house (well.. church and then her house but this year I didn’t make church because of work). My Grandma is one of the best cooks I know and makes an amazing brunch complete with our favorite strata, sausages (dipped in homemade maple syrup), blueberry coffee cake and fruit salad.

After Grandma’s my brothers and I headed to my Mom’s house where she was hosting a celebration with over 30 people. It’s rare for my cousins (and their kiddos) to all get together at the same time but this Easter we somehow managed! The Easter bunny even made an appearance (poor Easter bunny was dying.. the sun was WARM) and the kids were loving her!

Little Miss Ella didn’t want to leave the bunny’s side and was having a ball dancing!

Of course, Easter wouldn’t be complete without an Easter egg hunt!

And so many desserts including 2 birthday cakes for my Grandma and cousin and a bunny cake.. that’s 3 cakes.. holy moly. In case you’re wondering I had some of each!

After the craziness at my Mom’s house, I headed home to pick up hubby for dinner at my in-laws before he headed to work. ❤ Another perfect day in the books.


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