Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Hubby and I are on a mission this spring and summer to explore places we’ve never been since we have a tendency to visit the same places over and over again. But, living in New England, we are fortunate to have so many different unique cities and towns within driving distance to check out!

A couple weekends ago we spend our Sunday in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and surrounding towns. And, although we enjoyed ourselves (because that’s what we do.. we find a way to have fun no matter what) we have no desire to go back. There wasn’t a whole lot to do and the boardwalks and beaches are trashy.

We started our morning at Lil’s Cafe in Kittery, Maine which is a short drive from Portsmouth. This was my favorite part of our day.. the breakfast sandwiches and pastries were delicious, the vibe was right up my alley, and the warm (and pretty) cappuccinos were the perfect compliment to a chilly morning.

After breakfast we drove around the area a little and ended up at Kittery Trading Post. The store is massive and filled with everything you could every need for the outdoors. There are many more outlets in the area but since we only had the day, we opted to not spend it shopping and headed to Portsmouth.

Downtown Portsmouth was cute with lots of little shops and restaurants. We found a small winery tasting room (of course we did) called La Belle Winery.. their main location is further away but this shop had all their wines and a bar for tastings.. after sampling some yummy (and some not so yummy) wines, we headed on our way.

Since we were in Portsmouth, we had to check out the new Cisco Brewery location. In case you missed it, Cisco is pretty special to us.. Ben proposed to me in front of the entire Brewery at their Nantucket location.

Guys, I was SOOOO disappointed with this new spot. The Nantucket Cisco is amazing.. a laid back atmosphere with lots of area to hang out, food trucks and live music. Portsmouth was a restaurant with mediocre food that only serves Cisco beverages. I was so sad and, honestly, couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Not the Cisco I know and love and will never go back to this location.

Before heading home, I had to stop at the beach. First we parked at Hampton Beach.. a place I avoid at all cost in the summer because it is trashy and busy and dirty. But it was a chilly day and I expected the place to be empty. Unfortunately, there were still a lot of people out and about and we decided to try our luck down the street at Salisbury Beach. Salisbury is also a pretty trashy area but it was quieter.. we grabbed a slice of their famous pizza and a cannoli and headed to the beach for a few refreshing breaths of salty air.. and then we hurried back to the heated car because the ocean breeze was so cold!

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