A Saturday Afternoon at the Park

Spring.. I love you so much and so do my girls.

A couple weekends ago, I (finally) convinced hubby to go on a picnic.. well I pretty much told him we were going on a picnic.. but it turned out to be a lovely day.I packed a blanket, sandwich stuff, chips, pickles, corn salad, chocolate bars, strawberries and a bottle of Chardonnay and we headed to the park. My mom joined us with her dog Layla and we sat in the warm sunlight enjoying lunch.After we finished our picnic, we took the three ladies for a walk around the park. Riley is very friendly but barks like a mad woman anytime she sees a dogs from far away.. and naturally, everyone is terrified of a German Shepard barking. I try to tell her she won’t make friends acting like this but she doesn’t seem to understand.. so we’ve been trying to distract her with treats when another dog is around. Sometimes this works, sometimes not but we’re making baby steps.

But isn’t she so pretty! Mya couldn’t care less about other dogs but recently found a new love for the water. Anytime we’re out and she sees water, she tried to beeline towards it.. every if that means falling down a semi-steep embankment! At this park, there was a stream that she decided to walk the entire length of.. thank goodness of long leashes!Riley, on the other hand, is terrified of water. But after seeing her big sissy prancing through, is finally realizing it’s a great spot to grab a drink and is not going to kill her.After spending a few hours at the park, I convinced everyone we earned ourselves an ice cream.. ’tis the season!


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