Boston Adventures

Spring is finally showing her lovely face and we’ve been trying to take advantage of the beautiful weather. On the first warm day hubby and I didn’t have work, we packed up the girls and headed to Boston for the day. Evidently, everyone else had the same idea for their warm Saturday because the place was completely packed!Although Boston is in our backyard, there is so much of the city we have yet to explore. We decided to start our day near Quincy Market and follow the Freedom Trail to The Boston Common. I could have spent all day wandering through the park.. it may be one of my favorite things to do when the weather is perfect.. wander around parks with my hubby and girls.

As we wandered with no real direction, we came upon a section of the park filled with dogs playing off leash. It was unreal! Smack in the middle of the city and all these dogs stayed on one patch of grass and played with their friends! Riley and Mya enjoyed meeting friends (and were slightly overwhelmed) but, unfortunately, were stuck next to mom and dad because they don’t know how to listen when the leashes come off.. and we didn’t feel like chasing them around Boston for the rest of the day.After lots of puppy playing and walking, we stopped at a Greek restaurant for take out dinner and ate on a park bench before heading home. It was a simple and perfect first day of spring.

Notice how cute Riley looks in picture #1.. and then how her true crazy self shines through in picture #2 (as she’s yelling at her sissy)! So fresh! 


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