February Wine Review

Welcome back to our Napa wine chronicles! February we continued our tasting adventures and we’re still having just as much fun. A delicious bottle of wine, a cheese platter or some chocolate and Netflix make for the best date nights at home. In February we tasted some really yummy wines (especially for their price) and had a major let down! Let’s jump right in!

Before traveling to Napa and becoming a wine snob, I often picked out bottles of wine based on their label.. the cooler, more unique and badass name the better. The best bottle I ever found was covered in an American flag but unfortunately the wine didn’t taste very good. So, when we came across Lawless Cabernet Sauvignon I was sold! And the best part was that the taste lived up to the label.. it was deliciously bold with flavors of black cherry and dark chocolate and with a reasonable price tag of about $30.

Black Stallion’s 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon was an easy to drink cab.. smooth and well balanced with subtle fruity notes and well worth the reasonable $20 price tag!

When we booked our trip to Napa, we asked friends who had already been for advice on wineries to visit. One of the top choices from my friend was Clos Du Val (she even signed up for their wine club) but unfortunately we didn’t have a chance to visit! So, I’ve been seeking out this wine and was so excited to try it! As this 2014 estate cab is pricey (~$70), we decided Valentine’s Day would be the perfect occasion to crack it open.. and I was so sad because we actually didn’t really like it (thankfully hubby and I have the same wine pallet). It was very dry and peppery with very minimal fruit tones (which we like). Of course, this is only one of their wines so I’ll definitely have to try others in the future but I was so disappointed! These cupcakes from The Queen’s Cup in Worcester, however, made up for our mediocre wine selection.

Chateau Montelena’s 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon was another winery we read a lot about but didn’t have a chance to visit. Another bottle that was very promising but a let down.. it was smooth (almost watery), dry and peppery but not a lot of flavor and for $50 a bottle, I wouldn’t buy it again.

So, as you can tell from February’s wine selection, the price tag does not always correlate with the flavor of the wine.. We enjoyed the cheaper bottles so much more than the expensive ones!


Love, Jessica


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