February Goals

things i wanted to do in january:

  • finish reading the two books i started in december: i should stop making this a goal every month because i keep failing! still making my way through those books from december.. shameful
  • drink more water: done! i’ve been doing so much better!
  • continue blogging x3 weekly: i was on a roll until our trip to California really threw me off track.. getting back to it.
  • go snowboarding at least three times: i went twice.
  • book at least two events from our bridal expo: not officially booked but we are in the process of doing so!
  • clean up my diet and eat less sugar: done! doing much better on a daily basis but still treat myself to chocolate.. it’s soul food. my soul needs it.
  • bring mya to doggy rehab: done! we’ve taken her 4 times now and i’m pretty sure she loves it.. she spends an hour getting massages and started working on the underwater treadmill which is so cool!

things i want to do in february:

  • i’d really like to finish at least one book this month.. i’m going to do it!
  • plan my blog posts out a month in advance
  • go snowboarding a couple times
  • catch up on paperwork and get more organized
  • eat out less often on days off (we’ve been doing great with meal prepping on work days)
  • get together with at least one person i haven’t seen in awhile


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