What I ate in a day

Happy Monday! Are you all hung over and exhausted from watching the Super Bowl last night? I never understood why they have these big games on Sunday nights since most people have to work the next day!

I, luckily, don’t have to work until tonight but I also did not stay up to watch the game… Hubby left for work and, you can bet your bottom dollar that if I get to choose what’s on television it’s most definitely not football, even when the Patriots are in the Super Bowl. But don’t worry, I still wear shirts with their logo and fake being a fan.

Any who, lets talk about food. January is supposed to be a time to get back on track after holiday cookie binge eating except we’ve been traveling all month and this isn’t going so well. Napa consisted of lots of wine and chocolate and Vermont consisted of comfort food. BUT, when we haven’t been traveling, we’ve actually been eating pretty healthy.

I go through phases of wanting to cook different recipes and others of being perfectly content eating ground turkey or chicken for every meal.. we’ve been living in the latter phase lately and it makes life so easy! I cook a bunch of ground turkey or ground chicken, rice or couscous and some sort of vegetable and… wha-la… meals are done in 30 minutes.

Here’s what I ate the other day..

When I woke up, I ate a piece of honeycrisp apple toast before heading to the gym.

My breakfasts are usually a mixture of random things. After the gym, I ate 2 soft boiled eggs, tomato salad, some cheese and prosciutto and another piece of toast along with black coffee and water.For lunch I ate ground turkey, couscous and sautéed spinach. Couscous is so quick and easy to make (5 minutes) and adds lots of flavor to whichever protein I cook.. it has quickly become a staple in our cabinet. For a snack, I ate a small bowl of honey Chex while I relaxed on the couch.For dinner, I ate more ground turkey and couscous and an arugula salad.After dinner, I had a hot chocolate with whipped cream (my favorite part). Miss Riley also had a squirt of whipped cream.


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