10 Winter Date Ideas

so the holidays are over, the new year is here, the excitement of snow has passed and now we have to deal with winter.. cold, gray winter.. for at least another 3ish months before we get to see any glimpse of spring. yikes.

if you’re anything like me, date nights on the couch with a fire never get old.. but once in a while it’s nice to mix things up! i’m hoping we’ll make it on a few of these dates before spring!

  1. my favorite date night has to come first. throw on your comfiest sweats, find the biggest blankets in your house, start a fire, grab a glass of wine or hot chocolate and spend the evening watching a movie (or tv show) on the couch.
  2. learn to ski or snowboard. winter sports give you something to look forward to when it’s 10 degrees outside.. and that’s hard to do
  3. invite a few couples over and host a game night. my favorites are cards against humanity and clue.
  4. head to your favorite café for a hot chocolate date.. find a corner table and chat or bring books to read.
  5. go ice skating. and don’t be sad when you can’t stroll around the rink with your arms linked together like you’re in a movie.. it probably won’t look that romantic and you’ll probably fall (or nearly fall which looks worse) but you’ll laugh a lot!
  6. plan a summer vacation.
  7. attend a sporting event or show.. lately we’ve been loving comedy shows. side note: if you haven’t watched iliza shlesinger or chris d’elia on netflix yet you need to get on it.. they are hilarious.
  8. find a new recipe to try (or an old favorite) and cook dinner together.
  9. go sledding.. i promise, even as an adult it’s still just as fun!
  10. target practice at an indoor gun range. if guns aren’t your thing, consider taking a class together… dance or yoga are great options!

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