A Day in my Life

ever wonder what a blog writing, puppy mom, physician assistant, wife and crossfitter does all day? well, i hate to break it to you, but it’s not that exciting. most of my days off are filled with puppy time, gym time, lots of cooking and eating and usually some sort of cleaning or chores and then, if we’re lucky, a little downtime on the couch with hubby.. this day we were not so lucky and our paths only crossed for about 30 minutes.

so, here’s what my day looked like recently..

0700: my day started around 7am when my alarm went off. i got up, brushed my teeth, took these two little ladies outside and fed them.0800: hubby got home and we hung out for a little while before he went to sleep and i headed to the gym.

0900: gym time.. which involved lots of squats and deadlifts.

1030: i headed home, ate a quick meal and took the girls on a walk.

1100: time to shower and get dressed!

1200 – 1400: i stopped at my mom’s for a quick visit before running errands.. lucky for me i came at lunch time and ate some homemade corn chowder which was amazing.

1400-1500: time for errands.. grocery shopping & home sense (i needed a container for business cards).

1600: i started prepping a candy table for our upcoming bridal expo in january.

1700: dinner prep

1800: dinnertime which consisted of ground turkey, couscous and roasted brussel sprouts.

1900: another shower.. i always shower before bed.. and relaxed on the couch watching “nikita”

2100: i woke up hubby for work and climbed into bed for the night!


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