Loving Lately.

Podcasts: i listen to paleomg uncensored weekly for a dose of laughter and positivity.  i’ve also been listening to happy face.. a serial killer’s daughter investigates her father’s crimes.. the insanity of human beings never seizes to amaze me.

TV: we recently finished watching the sinner, the haunting of hill house  ozark.. each show was awesome and i highly recommend them! we’re currently watching designated survivor – also highly recommend.. i have a hard time finding shows that i really look forward to watching and this one makes the cut!

Fashion: i was loving sherpa pullovers so much until i went black friday shopping and every single girl ages 10-16 was also wearing them.. so annoying! but my go to outfit is lucky brand jeans with a long sleeve t-shirt or sweater. i also bought these super cute and comfy booties on black friday that i’ve been living in.

Beauty: i love aveeno clear complexion face wash and moisturizer and am addicted to my lash extensions. i can literally role out of bed in the morning without any makeup on and my eyes still look awake and ready for the day. it’s amazing! i’m also loving long hair.. it’s been growing so fast since i started adding collagen to my coffee every morning!

Music: sirius xm holiday stations and the highway are all pre-set in my jeep. love them!

Fitness: our crossfit gym has been undergoing many changes over the past few months and there was awhile when i didn’t care for the workouts so we spend our time at a regular gym lifting. thankfully our crossfit classes are reverting back to their old style and i’m loving the workouts again – plus i get to spend time with my friends which is the best part.

Food: with the holidays around the corner, we’ve been so busy without tons of time to cook fancy meals.. but we’ve been loving ground chicken mixed with buffalo sauce and pan fried ground turkey with rice or couscous – both super easy and fast to make and they taste good! and coffee.. i always love coffee.. peet’s has been a favorite lately!

Books: i’ve been a major slacker when it comes to reading lately but, ben and i are still slowly working our way through the harry potter series whenever we’re in the car for more than 10ish minutes. we’re about halfway done with the second book!

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