10 Holiday Date Ideas

am i the only one who enjoys the time leading up to christmas more than the actual holiday itself? and then, when december 25 is over, all the decorations go away and it’s just winter. freezing, gray, depressing winter. well, because i’m like this, i decorate my house before thanksgiving, play christmas music as soon as it’s on the radio and go on as many holiday dates as i can squeeze in. this year, i’m really hoping to drag ben on every single one of these dates.. he’s going to love it, i’m sure!

  1. bundle up in your favorite cozy sweats, pack a thermos of hot chocolate, pile into the car and drive around admiring christmas lights. tip: research neighborhoods known for their decorations prior
  2. head to a local tree farm and cut down a fresh one! then spend the evening decorating your christmas tree and listening to christmas music. maybe end the night watching your favorite christmas movie in front of the pretty tree. tip: have your favorite bottle of wine handy or make a special cocktail to enjoy throughout the night (like this one or maybe even this one)
  3. bake sugar cookies or gingerbread cookies (make sure to cut into fun shapes) and decorate! tip: make your own frosting by mixing 1 stick room temperature butter, 1 box (1 lb) confectioners sugar, 1 tsp vanilla and about 6 Tbsp milk (more or less to change thickness) – then divide into small bowls, mix with food coloring and spoon into piping bags – decorate!
  4. build and decorate a gingerbread house together.. or turn it into some friendly competition and each make your own. tip: have a friend or family member judge the best house.. loser gets to clean up!
  5. host a christmas movie night party. stock up on some snacks, boxes of candy like the movie theatre ($1 each at target) and hot chocolate.. tell guests to wear comfy clothes.. and spend the evening watching movies! tip: choose a movie everyone will enjoy like “elf”  or “fred clause”
  6. go ice skating! tip: set your expectations low. even if you were twirling on skates at 7 years old, chances are it may not be quite so easy now! ice skating is not quite like riding a bike.
  7. research local holiday events in your area to attend. many towns have holiday strolls, craft fairs, holiday plays, etc. we have a botanical garden close by that decorates their grounds with amazing lights – i can’t wait to check it out this year!
  8. attend a holiday play such as “the nutcracker” or “a christmas carol.tip: how often do you get to wear a sparkly dress anymore? tonight it is totally acceptable!
  9. go christmas shopping together and treat yourselves to an adult beverage each time you check someone off your list. tip: consider taking an uber.
  10. make it your mission to find the best hot chocolate in town this holiday season.. go ahead, i’m giving you permission to drink liquid chocolate whenever you can! after all, you’ll never find the best if you don’t try them all! IMG_2739

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