Decorating Our Christmas Tree

there is something so magical about a dark room filled with twinkling lights and a crackling fire. i remember the excitement that filled my brothers and i as we headed to grandma’s christmas tree farm (yes, my grandma really owned a christmas tree farm) to cut down our tree each year (always the weekend after thanksgiving).. we’d be bundled up and pile onto a wagon filled with hay bales as the tractor pulled us around the farm. once we picked the perfect tree, we’d take turns helping dad cut it down.. which basically meant we’d scratch the bark.. until he finally took over to do the dirty work. my favorite part was when the tree was hanging on by a sliver and we yelled “timber” as we pushed it down.

then we headed home, mom would play christmas music and we spent the evening decorating this beautiful, enormous tree. we’d pile on all our barbie doll, train and pokemon ornaments until there was hardly room for another. it was perfect.

now a days, my brothers and i have grown up, my grandmother’s property has run out of christmas trees and we, sadly, do not all get to decorate one together.. but hubby and i have started our own traditions.

coming from a family of who owned a christmas tree farm, we always buy a real tree (although this year i read an article about how many bugs infest christmas trees.. and thankfully i haven’t experienced this myself or even i might switch to a plastic one). cut-your-own-tree farms have become harder and harder to find so hubby and i buy a pre-cut tree at a local farm each year.

once we pick the perfect tree, we spend the evening with a fire, sipping wine and decorating. if only he knew how much these moments mean to me each year..

this year is extra special because it’s our first celebrating the holidays as a married couple!

and miss mya is hoping to be featured on a hallmark card.. in case you know someone and can hook her up..

merry christmas and happy decorating! xo


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