10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

good morning!

before i started writing my own blog, i spent so much time stalking my favorite blogs – as one does – and it felt like some of the writers were my friends, except we had never met. i knew about their life, they made me laugh, i knew i could count on finding a new post each morning.. i know, i know – it sounds creepily weird. but when you read someone’s blog long enough, you feel like you know them.

and that’s my goal for love, jessica. i hope my readers come to this site for a breath of fresh air and a laugh. i hope as they read they feel like they’re catching up with a girlfriend. and i hope they leave feeling inspired.

so now, if we’re going to be friends.. you should know these things about me, because you probably don’t yet.

  1. i want to open a cafe one day. one that serves the best coffee in town & wine and cocktails in the evening. one that has comfy chairs and soft acoustic live music. a place like the one i’m always wanting to visit that doesn’t quite exist yet!
  2. i’ve been skydiving once. and want to go bungee jumping.
  3. hubby and i met on tinder. and now we’re happily married.. dating websites can work.. although maybe try one other than tinder if you’re in the market.
  4. i’m a mini entrepreneur.  starting with making and selling dog treats in elementary school, to a cupcake business in college and now starting an event planning company. (parkway & elm events and design)
  5. this is my third blog. i started blogging in undergrad and then stopped during grad school because i had zero free time. about 2 years ago i started another blog because i love having a place to record memories and i really enjoy writing. then, just last month i created love, jessica. this blog is really no different than my previous except it’s prettier and easier to navigate (for my readers and myself).
  6. i once had my own farm, for fun. starting with chickens which evolved into goats and pigs. unfortunately i had to relocate them when i moved in with hubby.
  7. my favorite place to visit is nantucket, ma. we visit each summer and it’s also where hubby and i got engaged and legally married.
  8. i’m the oldest sibling. despite how it may appear in pictures – my two brothers now tower over me.
  9. i was a shot girl for one shift. solid life choice. but quickly realized it was most definitely not for me.
  10. i have 5 tattoos. my favorite is a matching anchor my two brothers and i have.

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