What I Ate In A Day

happy monday! i hope you all had a wonderful weekend! mine was filled with leaves, leaves and more leaves. we’ve filled nearly thirty leaf bags and the leaves still cover so much of our yard! craziness!

besides leaves this weekend, my saturday included girl time and all the fitness. one of my good friends from crossfit turned 40 this week (she doesn’t look a day over 28 and still crushes all us twenty-something-year-olds in workouts) and we celebrated on a “sweat crawl.” the morning started off with crossfit, then we headed to a spin class, then hot yoga and finally brunch! so much fitness, so much sweat, but so much fun!

if you live around the boston area and are looking for something to change up your workout routine, you have to check out b.spoke in boston or wellesley. this spin studio is amazing, the instructors are so motivating and you feel like you’re getting a killer workout in a nightclub.. seriously so much fun.

anyways, it’s the beginning of a new week.. a new week to start fresh and crush some goals, a new week to eat healthy, a new week to show up to the gym and keep working towards the best version of yourself! so many possibilities and opportunities.. get after it!

but first, read when i ate in a day!

breakfast: black coffee with a scoop of collagen, 2 hard boiled eggs, 1/2 pear, 2 slices prosciutto, a few olives and slices of cheddar cheese and a slice of apple cider toast.

snack: 1/2 pumpkin pie perfect bar between breakfast and lunch and the other 1/2 between lunch and dinner.

lunch: leftover ground turkey and couscous, arugula mixed with lemon juice and olive oil.

dinner: sautéed shrimp, jasmine rice and oven roasted brussel sprouts


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