Happily Ever After Party

my husband is a saint.. he actually married me three whole times. and each wedding was special in its own way. although punta cana will be the date we celebrate as our anniversary, our happily ever after party at battle road brew brew house in maynard, massachusetts was so much fun because we were able to celebrate our marriage with all our family and friends who were unable to make the long trip.

when we were searching for a venue to host this party, we wanted a laid back vibe with yummy food, good drinks and dancing.. battle road delivered exactly that. this brew house of course makes their own beer but they also serve wine and liquor as well as amazing bbq food.. their rustic feel,  spot for a dj and large area for dancing were perfect for our event. the staff were all super accommodating, assisted me with creating a s’mores bar (see below) and even streamed our wedding pictures on their televisions (every other tv because we had to make sure the patriots were also playing or most of our guests probably would have stayed home). 

i bought all the burlap signs on etsy and we made the center pieces.. SO easy!

since this was mostly just a party and we had already done formal dances, speeches, etc in punta cana, we kept the wedding events to a minimum.. except i wanted to relive our first dance again (because it was so amazing) and have another wedding cake (because every chance you have to eat cake, well, you should).

ben and i danced to “how long will i love you” by ellie goulding.

we managed to keep our cake topper in one piece to and from punta cana and were able to use the same one at battle road. we ordered the cake from the bean counter in shrewsbury and it was delicious! during our tasting, we couldn’t decide on chocolate cake with vanilla filling or vanilla cake with chocolate filling.. so we alternated layers and got both! of course, we didn’t have any time to actually eat our cake during the reception but thankfully there was plenty leftover and we had massive pieces when we got home! 

we kept the cake feeding very clean in punta cana.. so i decided i should get a little frosting on ben’s nose at our after party! 

i ordered our guest book from etsy and put together the rest of this table on our own.

the picture display was super easy to make.. i bought a cheap frame from michaels, removed the plastic middle, hung the string with tacks and added some of our favorite pictures. i also bought the card box from michaels and the burlap “cards” sign from etsy.

september is the start of bonfire season which means s’mores, obviously.. we decided we wanted to create a s’mores bar at our reception which was a total hit!

we weren’t able to bring our own food so the venue provided the marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers and we brought the rest.

i went the home depot and bought large flower boxes, filled them with stones and added sternos to each. we used larger glass vases for marshmallow, simple white plates for chocolate & crackers and tin cans for skewers.

we had so many family and friends at our celebration! unfortunately, the picture quality is poor and so many people didn’t make it into my pictures but i love looking back at these memories.

apparently ben and i looked awkwardly alone eating dinner together.. so my cousins, brothers and grandpa came over to provide us some company!

i’d say ben and i have some good genes! these ladies don’t age! 

this little lady.. my goodness gracious.. she kills me 

and we seriously have the best friends.. ever.

such a fun night.. thank you to everyone who joined us.. we are blessed to have you in our lives & love you all!



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