Key West

A work conference in Key West was also a great excuse for a mini family getaway. We headed to Florida in mid November, not really having a clue what to expect from the area. I didn’t have a chance to research much and, silly me, assumed it would be a relaxing beach destination… it’s a Florida island, after all. Well, I was wrong. Key West is a unique place but I was surprised to find it more of a party destination rather than a relaxing beach spot. And, the one beach we did find was full of rocks. All it took was two trips for me to learn (New Orleans and Key West) that I need to research destinations before booking when we have a tiny human in tow. I don’t recommend taking kids to either spot! But, despite being a little disappointed, we made the most of our time and had a fun trip.

Our tiny traveler did a great job on the flights from Boston to Florida, napping most of the time.

We made it!

We spent most of our days wandering around the island…

Trying lots of delicious restaurants and often dining amongst roosters. They wander the streets like squirrels in New England. But thankfully, unlike New England roosters, Key West roosters aren’t aggressive and just patiently wait for scraps to fall.

Popped in and out of shops and art galleries.

Watched fishermen feeding scraps to huge fish and even a shark on the pier.

Visited the southernmost point in the continental United States (Jackson was napping).

Ate lots of key lime pie!

Visited the Pilar Rum Distillery where I found a rum that, in my book, rates up with my favorite bourbons for sipping.

Got in lots of steps.

Gave piggy back rides.

Ate ice cream… he liked it, I swear.

Watched some amazing sunsets.

And danced.

Something I wish we were able to do was get out on the ocean. Key West is known for their coral reefs and we tried booking a glass bottom boat two different days to explore but both were cancelled due to wind… bummer!

Even poorly planned trips to un-kid-friendly destinations can be fun when you’re with people you love! Life is about making the most of our moments… we only have so many and we’ll never get lost ones back!

Love, Jessica


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